KMR is a consortium of music teachers based in the Runnymede area who hold to the highest professional standards. Each of us has been trained in music to conservatoire or university level. Each of us has professional qualifications in music. Each of us has many years professional experience teaching both children and adults. We are members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and the British Kodály Academy.

Zoltán Kodály (1887–1967) was one of the greatest musicians and pedagogues of all time. He developed a concept based upon the learning of music through singing.



If the music has come from the core of your being, if you have really felt it, it will have the same effect on others too.

Z. Kodály



All Kodály teachers are different, but what we have in common is the emphasis we place on developing deep-rooted musicianship, an “inner ear”, and on using the voice and body as the means to do it. This ensures a long-term coherence to the teaching we offer.




A well-trained ear. A well-trained intelligence. A well-trained hand. A well-trained heart. All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium.

Z. Kodály





There are four of us in the K.M.R.:

Nikhil Dally, who runs Stepping Notes Music School for the 2s to 8s

and Stepping Notes Piano Musicianship School.

Angela Dally, who runs the Stepping Notes Violin School.

Elza Lusher, piano teacher (Dogs and Birds).

Dorothee Schack, who teaches recorder, flute and saxophone.


To teach an instrument without developing singing is to build upon sand.

Z. Kodály


Angela Dally, GGSM, PGCE,
01932 363 624, angela$

Nikhil Dally, MACantab, CertAdvStudGSMD,
01932 363 624, nikhil$

Elza Lusher, DipLisztAcad,
01784 437 801, lusher$

Dorothee Schack, DipStraussCons,
01784 438 983, doromusic$



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